WalkWarmer Leash Hand Warmer



Keep your leash hand warm while walking your dog!

This microwaveable hand warmer wraps around your leash loop and keeps your hands warm while you’re walking the dog. Stays warm for up to 20 minutes.

How to use:
  1. Microwave flat for 20-30 seconds to desired warmth.
  2. Secure around leash handle.
  3. Walk!
How to wash:
  1. Remove inner packets. (Do not wash inner packets.)
  2. Throw WalkWarmer cover in the wash with your other laundry.
  3. Lay flat to dry.

Note: Please allow for fabric pattern variations.

All fabric components are made of cotton. Inner packets are filled with rice.


Face of Dog/Pawprints, Face of Dog/Red Spots, Good Bones, I Woof You/Gray Dots, I Woof You/Red Spots, Paisley Puppy/Paws & Hearts, Black White & Red Rover/Gray Dots, Black White & Red Rover/Red Spots

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Gloved hand holds a WalkWarmer leash hand warmer attached to the loop of a dog's leash, outdoors in front of snowy bushesWalkWarmer Leash Hand Warmer